Dr Ros Bandt: Curriculum Vitae

I Academic     II Artistic


Part One: Academic


I        QUALIFICATIONS: Ros Bandt, PhD, Dip.Ed. (Monash)

1971                B.A. Music major, minors in Classical Civilization, and English, Monash University.

1973                        Dip. Ed. Methods in English/Drama/Music/Communications

1974                M.A. prelim., first class honours: Chance Operations and Indeterminate Procedures in the works of John Cage, 1950-1970, Monash University.

1983                PhD. Musicology: Models and Processes in the Performance Practice of Repetitive Music 1960-1983, Monash University.



1992-1996      Five year Fellowship, (Monash University, Music Department, Faculty of the Performing Arts), Sound Sculpture: Intersections in Australian Artwork, monograph

1997                        Small Grant, (Latrobe University, Music Department, Faculty of Arts), A feasibility study for interactive sound on CD Rom for documenting interactive sound installations, demonstration interactive CD Rom, Altars of Power and Desire.

2000-2004          Large Grant, (The University of Melbourne, The Australian Centre) Sound Design in Public Space in Australia, data base, website and online gallery, http://www.sounddesign.unimelb.edu.au . DVD published 2007.

2005-9             Assessor for the ARC, Linkage, Discovery, Laureate Fellowships.



III.I The Australian Sound Design Project 




 Establishment of a pioneering audible research knowledge transfer, the National Website and searchable  Data Base and On Line Digital Media Gallery of 150 Sound Designs s in Public Space.

Dr Ros Bandt ARC director, with research assistants Garth Paine & Iain Mott, The Australian Centre, The University of Melbourne, 2001-5. (Publishing sound designs in public space in Australia 130 published works with digital on line gallery including MP3s, video images and graphics, search engines and browse list, research tools, an extensive bibliography, 5 academic multi-media papers, over 700,000 hits annually.

Became a refereed site January 1, 2003.

Research assistants Garth Paine (2001-3)and Iain Mott, (2003-7).

2006 Archived by Music Australia and Pandora at the National Library

2007 DVD published of interactive map and entire website.

2008 Updated by the  National Library, and University of Melbourne.

2009 Papers added and update. Continuing       


III.2       Books

1.           Bandt, Ros, 1985, Sounds In Space: Windchimes and Sound Sculptures.  Melbourne: Vic. 150th,  Victorian Arts Council & CAE.

2.           Bandt, Ros, 1990, Creative Approaches to Interactive Technology in Sound Art, Geelong: Deakin University Press.

3.                Bandt, Ros, 2001, Sound Sculpture, Intersections in Sound and Sculpture in Australian Artworks, Sydney: Craftsman House, Thames & Hudson, This monograph with audio CD collates and analyses some 130 Australian artists working in artforms which cross the platforms of both sound and sculpture, music fine art and performance

4.                Bandt, Duffy & MacKinnon, 2007, Hearing Places: Interdisciplinary Writings on Sound, Place, Time and Culture, with CD, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK., 436 pps.


III.3     Books Chapters, selected list

1.            Bandt, Ros, 1994.‘Recent Approaches to Technology in Interactive Sound Installations, in Electronic Arts in Australia, Continuum, Vol. 8, ed. Nicholas Zurbrugg, pp. 44-58.

2.            Bandt, Ros, 1995. ‘Designing with chaos’, Zeitgleich, Klanginstallation und Medienkomposition im digitalen Zeitalter, Austria:Transit, (pp. 53-64, & 158-161. Also on CD ROM, Track 2.

               www.kunstradio.at/ZEITGLEICH/CATALOG/ENGLISH/bandt-e.html - 31k -

3.        Bandt, Ros, 1997. ‘Experimental music’, Oxford Companion to Australian Music, ed. Warren Bebbington,  pp.206-9.

4.        Bandt, Ros, 2002. ‘Soundscape’ Getting the Measure, ed. Carmen Grostal, Footscray :Community Arts Centre, pp. 37-44, 55.

5.        Bandt, Ros, 2003. ‘Percy Grainger, ‘Kangaroo Pouch’ oscillator’, Treasures,  (Chris McAuliffe and Peter Yule, eds.), University of Melbourne Press, pp. 234-5, 309.

6.        Bandt, Ros, 2003. ‘Environmental Music’, A Companion to Music and Dance in Australia, ed. Nelson Kenny, Sydney: Currency Press, pp. 257-8.

7.            Bandt, Ros, 2003. ‘Soundscape’, A Companion to Music and Dance in Australia, ed. Nelson Kenny, Sydney: Currency Press, pp. 627-9.

8.            Bandt, Ros, 2003. ‘Sound Sculpture’, A Companion to Music and Dance in Australia, ed.   Nelson Kenny, Sydney::Currency Press, pp.625-7.

9.            Bandt, Ros, 2003. ‘Spatial Counterpoint.’ New Adventures in Sound Art, Ed. Nadine Thierault, Copeland, Canada: Sound Space pp. 2-5

10.           Bandt, Ros, 2007. ‘Sonic Inscriptions:Sound Installation and Acoustic Art in Australia’ The Soundscapes of Australia, Time Place and Spirituality, ed Fiona Richards, Ashgate, UK, pp. 265-280.

11.         Bandt, Ros, 2007. ‘Hearing Culture: Hania - Audible Moments from a Complicated Acoustic Palimpsest’, Hearing Places , eds. Bandt, Duffy ad McKinnon, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, pp. 309-319. CD tracks 22,23,24a,b.

12.         Bandt, Ros, 2008.  ‘Hearing the Car’, Cruising Country, eds Ursula Frederick and Lisa Stefanov, (In Progress)

13.         Bandt, Ros, 2008. ‘Place as Acoustic Space’, Making Sense of Place, Eds, Barclay and Higgins, National Museum of Australia,  pp.94-102, and DVD appearance.


III.4 Articles: Refereed Journals (Selected List)

1.              1988 ‘The Musician and the Machine’, Meanjin, A Musical Offering, Jenny Lee (Ed), vol. 47, No. 2, pp. 274-80

2.              1995 ‘Sculpting sounds: an introduction to sound sculpture in Australia’ Art and Australia, vol. 32, No. 4 ,Winter, pp.536-547.

3.              1995 ‘Sound sculpture as play sculpture’, International Play Journal. U.K.  vol. 3, pp.63-79

4.              1997 ‘From acoustic ecology to cyberspace’ Counterpoint, VSMA Quarterly Journal, February, pp. 5-13

5.         1997 ‘Voicing the Murray’, Mikropolyphonie on line journal


6.         2000 ‘Sounding spaces, acoustic worlds: Australian sound designs for public spaces,’ Public Art Review #22, USA, pp. 23-26.

7.                2002-3 ‘Sounding remoteness, Flinders Island,’ Soundscape, The Journal of    A coustic Ecology, vol.3, no.2, & vol. 4, no.1, pp.46-8.

8.                2003 ‘Taming the wind: aeolian sound practices in Australasia,’ Organised Sound, International Journal of Music Technology, vol.8, no 2, Cambridge University Press, pp 195-204.

9.                2003 ‘The changing faces of Australian identity as heard through children’s voices in Kim’s Song,’ The Australia/Asia Foundation, Ed. Le Tuan Hung (http://home.vicnet.net.au/~aaf/kimssong.htm).

10.             2003 ‘Sound design as sonic architecture’, Earshot, The U.K. Journal for Acoustic Ecology, Vol. 4, Ed. Rahma Khazan, pp 52-58.

11.             2005 ‘The Listening Place, Alma Park’s multi-cultural voices’, Soundscape, The International Journal of Acoustic Ecology, 5(1), pp 39-42.

12.             2006 ‘ Sound Installation: blurring the boundaries of  the eye, the ear, space and time.’ Contemporary Music Review: Issue 4 Musical Hybrids and Sonic Intermedia in Australia, pp 353-367.

13.              2008, ‘Recording for experiential flexible sound installations, 1977-2007’,

           Australian Sound Archive, Australasian Sound Recording Association, No.34, pp 18-34.

15.   2008 ‘Hearing the Free Music: Percy Grainger, Australian visionary of the      soundscape, creator of electro-acoustic Free Music and sound machines.’ Soundscape, The International Journal of Acoustic Ecology, pp 9-14.


III.5    Articles: (b) Non- refereed (Selected List)

1.            1988 ‘A way of living, a way of listening, sound artist in residence for the Blue mountains festival, Performing Notes, ed Paul Carter, NSW Ministry, pp. 48-50.

2.            1995 ‘Grainger’s free music and free music machines; a living tradition.’ Sounds 

3.            1995 ‘Zeitgleich: a sound art event in Austria’, Sounds Australian Issue No 45, Autumn, pp .37-40.

4.            2000 ‘Percy Grainger, the Soundscape and Electronic Music in 1938’ In a Nutshell Vol.8.No2 June, pp. 7-13.

5.            2004  ‘Sound art reconsidered’, Sounds Australian editor Helen Lancaster,Journal of the Australian Music Centre No 64, pp 46-48.


6.            2004. Sound Art and Sound Design in Australia, Filter,The Sound issue, The Australian Network for Art and technology, 51, Adelaide,  pp 4-7.


7.            2005 “Sounding Communities, Who’s speaking? Who’s listening,” Artworks Journal Issue 62 3D Symposium/discuss.document,disseminate,


III.6      Published Conference Proceedings ( selective list)

1.            Bandt, Ros and Paine, Garth, 2001,‘Designing Public Acoustic Space: Australian Sound Designs, a Database and Website for a More Considered Acoustic Environment’ Proceedings, Waveform: a Digital Musics Conference, ACMA, School of Contemporary Arts, University of Western Sydney, July, pp.1-9.

2.            Bandt, Ros, 2001,‘Hearing Australian Identity: Sites as acoustic spaces, an audible polyphony.’  Proceedings, Nation and Narration Conference, Australian Studies Centre, the University of Queensland, June, pp.23-25.


3.            Bandt, Ros, 2001, ‘Sounding Giant Cylinders: Discrete Acoustic Environments,’ Proceedings, Sound Practice, Sound Culture and Environments, Dartington Hall, Devon, UK, February, pp. 11-16

4.            Bandt, Ros, 2002, ‘Spatial Counterpoint as a Design Principle in the Australia Gallery, the Melbourne Museum.’ Proceedings, Form, Space, Time, Music, Architecture and Design, ACMA, July 2002, pp. 7-16. http://www.iii.rmit.edu.au/sonology/ACMC2002,/

5.            Bandt, Ros, 2003. Documenting the Difficult and Ephemeral: A Web Approach to the Documentation of Interactive Electroacoustic Sound Designs in Australia, International Conference: Resonance, IRCAM With De Montfort University, Centre Pompidou, Paris, October 15-17 www.ircam.fr/resonances2003/Ross_Bandt.html), pp 1-9.

6.            Bandt, Ros, 2003.  Taming the Wind, Aeolian Sound Practices in Australasia, The International Conference of Acoustic Ecology, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, March, Published CD ROM, AFAE.

7.            Bandt, Ros, 2007. ‘The interactive mapping of Melbourne’s sound designs in public space, a commission from the city of Melbourne.’ DVD. The Australian Centre, The University of Melbourne

8.            Bandt, Ros, 2008. ‘Finding the Isobue: From the hydrophone to the radio studio to the gallery; spatial sonic designs of an endangered sound.’  Proceedings of the Australasian Computer Music Conference, Sound:Space, July 10-12, 2008., pp. 96-100.

9.            Bandt, Ros, 2009.’Recent Cross Cultural Collaborations East West’ Collaborations: Creative Partnerships in Music Conference,  June 4-6-PASE Social Aesthetics Research Centre, Monash University, Melbourne.


III.7     Unpublished Conference Proceedings

1.Bandt, Ros, 1995, ‘Spatial and temporal design processes in the audio work Thrausmata’ Australian Computer Music Conference, Australian National University.

2 Bandt, Ros, 2003, ‘Silos, icons of life and death’, Australia, Who Cares, EASA, International Conference, University of Aviero, Portugal, September.

3.Bandt, Ros, 2005, Design Criteria for The Australian Sound Design Project Website and data base, ASCA,Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, Amsterdam Holland.

4.Bandt, Ros, 2008, ‘Finding and interpreting endangered and intangible cultural


heritage: the Isobue,  the Sea Whistle of the Japanese Ama divers’


                        Cultures of Sustainability, RMIT September 27, 2008


III.8     Other On-Line Publications

      1.Bandt, Ros, Voicing the Murray,    


            2.Bandt, Ros, Pillars of Memory,


    3. Bandt, Ros, Stack, Move Records,


            4.Bandt, Ros, A Garden for Percy's Delight, 1997,


            5.Bandt, Ros, 'Hearing Australian Identity: Sites As Acoustic Spaces, An Audible Polyphony', in Nation and Narration Conference, University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane, 2001,


6. Bandt, Ros, Spatial Counterpoint as a Design Principle in the Australia Gallery, 2002,


     7.Bandt, Ros & Sistermanns, Johannes, A Global Garden for Percy, 1997, http://www.abc.net.au/arts/lroom/globgar.htm

8. Bandt, Ros and Garth Paine, 'The Australian Sound Design Project: A Database and Website for a More Considered Acoustic Environment', in Waveform, Australian Computer Music Conference, School of Contemporary Arts, University of Western Sydney, 2001, http://www.sounddesign.unimelb.edu.au/site/ACMCPaper/ACMCPaper.htm

9.         Ros Bandt, ‘Alchemy’, Kevin Murray (curator), Water Medicine, John Curtin Gallery, http://kitezh.com/watermedicine/artists/bandt.htm


IV Recent Key Note Addresses by  Dr Ros Bandt

1.AG IDEAS Sound as a design principle, techniques and applications. Melbourne Concert Hall, April 6. 2003. (presented to 2,500 young tertiary designers )

                                    Published catalogue AG Ideas, (Stack and website)

2.ICAD International Conference of Auditory display.

                        Sounding Public Space, Sound artists in the pubic domain.  Sydney Opera House, July 8, 2004, Also Chair of the Aesthetics Session.


3.Manning Clark House Canberra, June 17th 2008 for National Sound Day

                        Conversations with Ros Bandt ‘ Listening to Culture: Endangered Sound and Intangible Cultural Heritage’ Manning Clarke House Newsletter, September 2008.

V   National Consultancies

2005 National Museum of Australia ‘Diagnosing acoustic problems at the NMA’

2007 New Media Board of the Australia Council, specialist consultant in new media for funding round September October..

2008 National Library of Australia ‘Interviewing Barbara Blackman’ Oral History.



VI.I           Distinguished National and International Awards

1991                        The Don Banks Composer Fellowship, $50.000. Australia’s highest honour for my life long contribution to sound and innovation.

1991/2             Sound Art Australia Prize, Joint winner with Paul Carter and Sarah Hopkins, ABC/WDR winner with the Goethe Foundation. Trip to mix Mungo in the Studio Akustische Kunst, West Deutsche Rundfunk, Koln, Germany.

1992                        The Inaugural Benjamin Cohen Memorial Peace Fellowship, Ball State University, USA for innovation across faculties for the sound installation Altars of Power and Desire, commissioned work, collaborating with students from six faculties

2000                CACS (Centre for Australian Cultural Studies, ANU), Honourable

mention for Individual Category Speak Before Its Too Late sound installation on ‘lost and endangered’ languages.


VI.2            Academic Research Awards

1969-73                Education Department Studentship for BA Dip. ED.

1977-81.1           Post graduate PhD Research Scholarship, Monash University

1986                        Innovations Grant, Music Board of the Australia Council to research and develop the SSIIPP, ‘Technology and Sound Sculpture, an original multi-track audience participation listening environment as a flexible inter-active playback system for original compositions.’  The  SSIIPP, the Sound sculpture installation and performance playback system  was invented as an original interactive multi-track system with 8 sensors and 8 channels.

1989-90                Audio Kinesis Research Project in video synthesis of three dimensional Sound Design, the 3DIS, funded by the Health Promotion Foundation

1991-6                   ARC Five year salaried senior research  fellowship resulting in the publication of the first book on Australian Sound art to deal with Sound Sculpture: Intersections in Sound and Sculpture in Australian Artworks

1996/7                         ARC Small Grant for innovative software design for multi-channel sound on CD ROM, Altars of Power and Desire authored in Mtropolis $7,500

2000-2004          ARC large grant, $120,000 over three and a half years for Designing Sound in Public Space. The Australian Sound Design Project website, data base and  digital media online gallery was established pioneering multi-media sound art research,with multi-media papers, links and resources as well as the documentation in the gallery of over 150 Australian sound designed artworks in public space in Australia.

2003                        ANAT Travel grant to speak at IRCAM’ Resonances’ Sound conference on the Australian Sound Design Project. $2,000

2005                ANAT Travel grant to speak at Sonic Interventions Conference ASCA, Amsterdam. $2,500

2006                Faculty of Arts, The University of Melbourne, Excellence in Research Award, $3,000.

2006                Melbourne City Council grant to publish  Melbourne ‘s Sound Designs in Pubic Space  in the CBD on the ASDP Website for the City of Melbourne.

                        $15,000, 2 stages and DVD.

2007                University of Melbourne Publications Grant for Hearing Places, $3,000.

2008                History of the University Unit Research Award to write on Percy Grainger and the Soundscape. $1,000.

2009                History of the University Unit research Award to write on Stan Ostoja- Kotkowski’s Theremin Mural, Untitled. 1975




1975-1980          Taught undergraduate improvisation and community music at LaTrobe University

1975-1981          Director of Music Preshil, instrument making, A Capella, HSC music, performance, composition , electronic music, choir

1989                Visiting professor in sound at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida, USA.

1990                Composer in residence teaching undergraduate Improvisation and composition, Monash University

1992                Composer in residence, cultural exchange in composition with the Back to Back Zithers, Bandung SMKI University, Indonesia

1994                Inaugural Benjamin Cohen Scholar for Innovation at Ball State University, Indiana, USA. International Peace Prize. Interdisciplinary collaboration with undergraduate and postgraduate students from 5 faculties including architecture, theatre, computer music, dance, sculpture

1992-6            Australian Research Council Fellow, Monash University researching the intersections in sound and sculpture in Australian artworks, culminating in the book Sound Sculpture: Intersections in Australian Artworks, Craftsman House, Fine Arts Press

1997                ARC Fellow in multi-media at LaTrobe University. A feasibility study for interactive sound on CD Rom for documenting interactive sound installations, with Jon Drummond CSIRO, Macquarie University, NSW. (CD Rom entitled Altars of Power & Desire, of my award winning interactive installation).

1998                Honorary Research Fellow, Grainger Museum, the University of Melbourne.

2000                Senior Research Fellow the Australian Centre, The University of Melbourne

2001-3            ARC  Large Grant project director of ASDP website, The Australian Centre, The University of Melbourne.

2004-9            Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Australian Sound Design Project, The Australian Centre, The School of Historical studies, The University of Melbourne.

2002-8            Lecturer in Centre for Ideas, Victorian College for the Arts, designing  undergraduate second year courses,Sound sculpture, Sound art,  Hearing Places and Sound Art Engaging with the Environment.

 2008               Freelance Guest Lectures  and Workshops in Education RMIT, Sial, RMIT, Community Education, 5th Year Architecture University of Melbourne, Digital Media, MIT international Programme, Imaging Australia post graduate course, the Australian Centre,  Monash Caulfield and Clayton in composition and sound art practices.         

2009                Freelance Interdisciplinary sound Guest lectures, Masters seminar program, Faculty of Architecture, The University of Melbourne, North-Eastern  University Boston, USA, Faculty of Fine Arts Latrobe University






VII.2   Membership of Professional Associations and Societies


WFAE World Forum of Acoustic Ecology, Founding member since 1993

AFAE   Australian Forum of Acoustic Ecology Committee member 2003-7

MSA     Musicological Society of Australia

AMC  Australian Music Centre

APRA/AMCOS Australian Performing Rights Association. Full member.

ACMA Australasian Computer Music Association

Melbourne Composers League


Ars Electronica Linz

Electronic Music Foundation, NY, USA.

Sonic Art Gallery, Australian Asian Foundation

Ecco  Exchanging Culture for Conservation

Board Member for Jim Metzner, Pulse of the Planet, USA

ARC Assessor Australian Research Council

The Australia Council for the Arts. Assessor.

ARC Assessor

AMEB teacher registration, Set the curriculum for recorder.



Ros Bandt  Curriculum Vitae

Part II Artistic:  interdisciplinary sound installation artist, composer, performer, curator, artistic director.

Sounding Spaces: Interpreting locations, Creating artworks and Curating events, Performing and collaborating across artforms.


‘One of the most individual presences in Australian music, at once composer, performer, inventor and thinker in unique combination’    

The Oxford Companion to Australian Music, p.46


1977-2008, artist in sound, sculpture, performance and multimedia, Australia and abroad. Pioneer and innovative designer of audience interactive sound installations, sound playgrounds, responsive spatial music systems, sound sculptures, audible canvases, sonic objects, visual music notations. Site-specific designer for indoor and outdoor environments, performances and events. Founding member for the World Forum of Acoustic Ecology. Original artworks commissioned and recorded on Move Records, EMI, New Albion USA, Radio West Deutsche Rundfunk, Koln, Germany, Radio Beijing, Radio Wien, Austria,  and ABC. Distinguished performer and founding member of five ensembles, LIME, (Live Improvised Music Events), the early music ensemble, La Romanesca, the cross cultural Back to Back Zithers, Carte Blanche digital media performance duo with Brigid Burke and the free Music Ensemble.

Collaborator with artists, theatre directors, dancers, architects, sculptors and scientists on many interdisciplinary projects. Recent residencies include the Melbourne Aquarium (with sound artist Iain Mott) and the composition Faculty of the University of Melbourne, 2004, and composer in residence for the ABC Radio National  in Sydney for Audio Arts, 2006-7. International collaborations in progress with the German Sound Artist,  Johannes S Sistermanns and the Turkish sound artist Erdem Helvacioglu.


 Practice as sound artist & designer, Dr Ros Bandt, (summary)

Over the past twenty-five years I have been researching sound design and have been implementing the fruits of that research as an internationally recognised practising sound artist. My original sound works have been commissioned for the most prestigious international sound art events, including the Zeitgleich Symposium   (1994, ORF Wien, Austrian Radio & Transit digital art company, Innsbruck, Austria), the 6 Exquisites Sound Art Festival  (1999, USA) and the Studio of Acoustic Art,  (West Deutsche Rundfunk,  Koln, 1992, 1994, 1997, Germany).  As a curator I have mounted several large sound events engaging both Australian and international artists, (e.g. Beaming the Theremin, installing the Grainger Museum in sound and light, Melbourne International Festival, 1998, Hearing Place 2003). As a sound installation artist I have created some 47 sound installations world-wide. I have invented interactive sound playback systems which include the audience and provide a place for them to fully participate in the design of my works. My original works including 8 solo CDs are published internationally.

VIII         Ros Bandt        Artist Biography: entries by other authors

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14.         Read, Peter,  ‘Silo Stories’, Haunted Earth, UNSW Press 2003, pp. 93-110.


IX.I  Ros Bandt Referenced web sites (biography, publications)


1.            Ros Bandt http://www.rosbandt.com

2.            The Australian Centre, The University of Melbourne

http://www.findanexpert.unimelb.edu.au/researcher/person3152.html                  .

3.            Ros Bandt, Lecturer The VCA The University of Melbourne

4.            Ros Bandt, Australian Music Centre,  (Biography, compositions)

5.            http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/artist/bandt-ros

6.            Ros Bandt, Move Records http://www.move.com.au/artist.cfm/189

7.            Australian Research Network, Australian  Public Intellectuals,



IX.2  Ros Bandt  Exhibitions of Creative Works on the Web.

Sound Installations (selected list)

1.http://kunstradio.at/ZEITGLEICH/INSTALLATIONS/BANDT/  Pillars of Memory, Austria

2.http://www.abc.net.au/arts/lroom/gardel.htm A Garden for Percy’s Delight sound installation Melbourne festival 1997

3.http://www.abc.net.au/arts/lroom/globgar.htm 50 minutes of satellite sound A Global Bridge for Percy.)

4.http://kitezh.com/watermedicine/artists/bandt.htm Traveling Exhibition Water Medicine curated by Kevin Murray Sound sculpture Alchemy (sound derived from concrete water tank.)

5.http://farben.latrobe.edu.au/mikropolMikropolyphonie on-line journal, (Exhibition site, Voicing the Murray and article From Acoustic ecology to cyberspace)


IX.3 Solo Exhibitions of Sound Installations and Mixed Media Sound Art, (selected list)


1977                Winds and Circuits, and Surfaces and Cavities, 2 kinetic, electronic and audience participatory sound installations using electrified wire coathangers, 8 TV sets, and mazes, Clifton Hill Community Music Centre.

1981                The Sound Playground, Temple Park Brunswick

1985                Touch Sound, mixed media kinetic sound sculpture,  Roar Studios, Fitzroy, and regional tour including Warrnambool,  Benalla, Mildura,  Portland.

1987                Aqua Musica, sound installation and performance live to radio, Rollins College Swimming Pool, Winter Park, Florida.

1993                Altars of Power and Desire, Architecture Gallery, Ball State University, commissioned for the Benjamin Cohen Peace Prize.

1993                Pillars of Memory, commissioned by Heidi Grundman, ORF for the international sound symposium, Zeitgleich, Innsbruck, Austria. http://kunstradio.at/ZEITGLEICH/INSTALLATIONS/BANDT/.

1997                 Voicing the Murray, Mildura Art Gallery, commissioned by the Mildura Festival, the first of the endangered species sound installation series. http://farben.latrobe.edu.au/mikropol.

1997                A Global Garden for Percy, computer controlled 107-channel free music sound installation, Courtyard, Grainger Museum, commissioned by the Melbourne Festival and the Grainger Museum. http://www.abc.net.au/arts/lroom/gardel.htm.

1998-9            Audite, Mixed media sonically implanted wall art and 3D and 4D works, Mechanics Institute, Brunswick, Horsham Gallery and Mildura Art Gallery.

1999                The Aeolian Pier and Sound Garden, Lillies Beach, Flinders Island, Commissioned by the Flinders Island Wind Festival.

2000-1            Speak Before Its Too Late, 6 channel sound installation, urns, disappearing languages, Catholic University commissioned by ASME. Also at ACCA for   Sonic Residues International Sound Art Festival, 2001.

2001                Stack, Sound Installation, Palimpsest, Mildura Art Gallery.

2002                Silo Stories, 6 channel sound and photographic installation, Photographic Gallery, Horsham Regional Art Gallery.

2002                Mack Memories, 6 channel sound installation and visual maps of electroacoustic components, Geelong Art Gallery.

2003                Voicing the Murray, Victorian College of the Arts, Sculpture Gallery.

2003                Silo Stories, First Site Gallery, RMIT, Melbourne.

2004                Silo Stories, Toorak Uniting Arts with Carte Blanche

2006                Hearing the Hyrda, Footscray Arts Centre, Sculpture Performance

2006                Sydney Road, the World in a Street, Benalla Art Gallery

2008                Isonageki 5.1 surround sound installation the Sydney Conservatorium for the Australian Computer Music Association.

IX.4     Playable Sound Sculptures, Original Instruments  and Innovative Systems


1978                The Flagong, vertical glass marimba, cut bells inspired by Harry Partch.

1981                The Sound Playground, the first Australian sound playground, Temple Park, Brunswick.

1985                The SSIIPP, Sound sculptural installation and performance playback system, an innovative and original design for an 8 channel sensor activated interactive sound playback for use in works of continuous duration.

1987                Aeolian Harps, with Woodcraftsman Steve Naylor, Mildura.

1987                Aviary Motion-sensitive electronic birds, floor standing indoor  sculpture.

2003                            Listening Place, public sound sculpture, City of Port Philip, Markers Memories and Markers project.

2004                Serendipitous Soundscape, St Michael’s Grammar Junior School, St Kilda Victoria, sculptures to listen to the children’s compositions based on the seven aboriginal seasons, and underground whispering telephone conduits for communication over the playground.

2008                Amplified music box and remix for the Free Music Ensemble


IX.5           Group Shows (selected list)


1981                The Third Sculpture Triennial, Glass Now and Then, performances & exhibition of original sound sculpture The Flagong.

1987                The Quarries Project, Mount Gambier Quarries Site, Sound Icons, sonically implanted petrol bowsers, commissioned by David Hanson, gallery director.

1989                Hear the Dance, See the Music, St Martin’s Theatre, computer controlled video synthesis performance, dancers and composers.

1992                The White Room, ISCM Warsaw Poland. Collaborative installation and performance in sound, light, mixed media and  theatrical performance with Vineta Lagzdina, Warren Burt.

1994                        Sound Symposium, St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, Dangerous Choices interactive sonic objects, Trio Peligroso, Interactive muses, Fire Water Money, Sound Sculpture in the Bagging Room, The women’s composers conference, the Malthouse Theatre.

1999                Male Order/Addressing Menswear Sound with Roger Alsop for the exhibition curated by Naomi Cass with Robyn Healy, The Ian Potter Museum, The University of Melbourne.

1999                The Invisible Cities, Equus, the Stables, Ripponlea, commissioned by Julia Ryder, curator for Contemporary Music Events.

1999-2001      Water Medicine, Alchemy, sound, water, suspended cymbal, lighting, and audio CD, a touring exhibition, curated by Kevin Murray over 10 venues in all states of Australia from Kalgoolie to Macquarie. http://kitezh.com/watermedicine/artists/bandt.htm

2001                Palimpsest, Red Cliffs warehouse and Mildura Art Gallery, Stack, sound installation and work in progress Silo Stories, to be scheduled 2002, Horsham Art Gallery.

2003                Hearing Place Exhibition and Audiotheque, Das Weisse Gold, radiophonic work, VCA Gallery, Melbourne.

2003                Silo Stories Sound Installation Women in Sound, 360 Degrees, Liquid Architecture Sound Art Festival, First Site Gallery, RMIT.

2004                        The Memory Grid Stack Video, ACMI, Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Melbourne.

2008                Embodied Energy, Shima 8 Haiku For Kumi.

                        The Counihan Gallery, Brunswick.




X               Events Curated By Ros Bandt

1991                Sound Sculpture in the Bagging Room, The Malthouse, CUB, the first exhibition of sound installations and performances by women,

                        including Australian and international artists. The Second Women Composers’ Conference.

1998                Beaming the Theremin, an installation in sound and light of the entire Grainger Museum including the first ever performances of Grainger’s Free music for theremins played from the roof of the museum and 20 world premieres of commissioned works from electroacoustic artists inspired by Grainger. Installation, performances and lectures. Melbourne International Festival.

2001                The Australian Sound Design Project,


                                     Directing and curating the web publishing initiative, involving over 500 sound designers and an international network of communication.

2003                Hearing Place: 2 Exhibitions and Audiotheque to coincide with the World Forum of Acoustic Ecology International Symposium VCA, March.

             http://www.sounddesign.unimelb.edu.au/site/news.htm Also Yarra Sculpture Gallery.

2004                Serendipitous Soundscape St Michael’s Grammar school


XI              Recent Innovative Sound Works and Musical Compositions (brief selected list, See AMC site for more comprehensive list.)

2009                Tin Rabbit for wind up rabbits, soundscape music boxes and tin suitcase

2008                Stargazer Remix for amplified musicboxes and laptop


2008                Confetti I, II III for the Free Music Ensemble with video


2008                Free Diving for Recorder Orchestra and soundscape


2007                Ama Iso Nagecki, 43 minutes 5.1


2007                Ama No Isobue


2007                        BYOS, with Johannes S.Sistermanns,(Germany) Collaborative electro-acoustic work


2005/7             Tragoudia, http://home.vicnet.net.au/~aaf/sonic12.htm


2005                Hydra, Carparts performed sound sculpture, Footscray Arts.


2005                Letters from Peggy, 1/4 Inch, Wollongong University


2005                            On the Wings Of a Butterfly with Le Tuan Hung, Move Records MD 3297, http://home.vicnet.net.au/~aaf/sonic1.htm

2004 -5           Blue Gold, 35 minute electroacoustic work for cello and clarinet for Charisma

2003                Via Galah, Silos Stories from Merrinee to Jackson, ABC Commission

2002                Inside /Outside Radiophonic Work commissioned by the Australia Asia Foundation and published on The Scent of Time, CD Move Records.

2002                Kim’s Song ABC Commission the Listening Room http://abc.net.au/arts/earclips/audio/10.ram.

1999-2000      Stack, 60 minute Electroacoustic work, sounding an industrial Cylinder, the City Link industrial chimney stack, CD on Move Records, launched and distributed  in the UK. http://www.digital-music-archives.com/cgi-bin/dmaweb/store.cgi?Type=product&Product=CDE0028

2000                Serendipity, Spatial Sound, using The Audio Tool Box, commissioned by Sonic Residues.            http://w.w.w.activated.com.au/SonicResidues/SonicRes02/index.html.

1997                A Global Garden for Percy, Ros Bandt with Johannes Sistermanns, sound artist Cologne, international real time composition, Melbourne, Frankfurt, ABC double ISDN Link, real time radio broadcast, Australian and German radio, 50 minutes, Melbourne International Festival, commissioned by the Listening Room, ABC FM 105.9, facilitated by Andrew MacLennan and electronic international link Jim Atkins, head technician, ABC. http://www.abc.net.au/arts/lroom/globgar.htm.

1992-7            Thrausmata: Ancient Greek Fragments, Commissioned West Deutsche Rundfunk, WDR, Koln, Studio Akustischer Kunste, for Klaus Schoning. 35 minutes, 7 ancient Greek texts, morphed and mixed with contemporary soundscapes from where the texts were first uttered, Olympia, Delphi, Mycenae, Athens, the Mediterranean Sea, Santorini. Text: Ancient Greek Scholar Arthur McDevitt, recorded Cologne. Australia’s entry to the ISCM  Festival of new music Roumania in Bucharest 2000. Honourable mention.

1992                        Mungo, Sound Art Australia Prize, joint award of the WDR, ABC and the Goethe Foundation. Aeolian harps, Aboriginal Mutti Mutti elder Alice Kelly, site recordings, original instruments. Mixed WDR, Studio Akustische Kunst, Koln, Germany. A complete list of my musical compositions appears on the Australian Music Centre’s website.


XII    Published Recordings of original music and sound art

Ros Bandt’s original music and sound art has been recorded on the following labels, Move Records, ABC, E.M.I, (Australia), New Albion, (USA),  L’Agence des Refuses, (France), Wergo (Germany), Transit (Austria), CD ROM. Audio compositions and sound ecologies are frequently commissioned and heard on Radio Cologne, Radio Vienna, and the ABC (Listening Room). Radio Finland,  and others. I am a full member of APRA.


XII.I      Solo CDs of Original Music

.  http://www.move.com.au/artist.cfm/189.

1.            Improvisations in Acoustic Chambers Tank Pieces and Silo Pieces.  Move records MS  3035, MC 3035, 1981.

2.            Soft and Fragile: Music in Glass and Clay.  Move Records MS 3045, MC 3045, 1982.

3.            Stargazer:  Digital Recording, Compact Disc.  Move Records MD 3075, MC 3075, 1989.

4.            Footsteps: Ros Bandt and Friends. Move  Records, MD 3135, 1993.

5.            Glass & Clay: Move Records, MD 3045, 1995.

6.            Stack: Move Records, MD 3145, 2001.

7.            Sonic Archaeologies Move Records, MD 3155, 2003.

8.            Isobue, Japanese Sea Whistle, Sonic Art Gallery, 


XII.2    International  CD Collaborations in Progress 2009-10

1.        Black Falcon, with Erdem Helvacioglu, recorded Istanbul Turkey Dec 2007,  for release by Au courant in USA, 2009. Launch 2010.

2.        Sonic Blue Red Tracings Ros Bandt with Johannes Schmidt-Sistermanns, and Collaborations, 1997-2008 ,Global Garden for Percy Satellite link, BYOS and Sonic Blue red Tracings. In progress in Japan September 2008.


XII.3       Original Work in CD Anthologies

1.         Bandt, Ros.1990. Genesis, Austral Voices, New Albion Records San Francisco,USA.


2.         Bandt,1999. Ros. Mungo, River Run, Double CD  voicings, soundscapes.

Ars Acustica,WDR, Koln Germany, 1999.


3.         Bandt, Ros, 2001. Black Hole from Stack, Red, Text/ Images/Sounds, eds

           Stuart Koop and Vicki McInnes, ACCA, , 6.02, audio CD.

4.         Bandt, Ros, 2003. Stack, Move 35, Move Records, MD3250.

5.         Bandt, Ros, 2003. Kim’s Song, The Anthology of Australian Music On Disc, Vol CSM:37, My World, This Time, School of Music, National Institute for the Arts, ANU.

6.        Bandt, Ros, 2003. Silo Stories, CD, Liquid Architecture. Liquid Architecture 4, Curator Nat Bates, RMIT.

7.      Bandt, Ros, and Dang Kim Hien, 2003. Inside Outside, The Scent of Time, Move Records, MD3263.

8.         Bandt, Ros and Le Tuan Hung, 2004/5 , On the Wings of a Butterfly, title track 2 zithers, On the Wings of a Butterfly, Move Records, MD 3297

9.         Bandt, Ros,  2007, Magpie, Concert a Deux, Scribe Virtual Music. 

10.       Bandt, Ros,  2008, Tragoudia  I & II, Rear Vision Melbourne Composers League, Melbourne.

11.      Bandt, Ros, 2008, Sydney Road the World in a Street, in Unfenced, (Australian Computer Music Association), ACMA Sydney 2008.


XII.4 CD ROMS/DVDs of Original Sound Art

1.            Zeitgleich, (At the Same Time), Transit and ORF Austria including large catalogue , article and CD of Pillars of Memory. This is the first international interactive disc of sound art.

2.            Altars Of Power and Desire, ARC small grant.

3.            Silo Stories

4.            Blue Gold

5.            Ros Bandt, Sound Sculptor, Film by John Mandelberg, New Zealand.


XII.5 Curated International Recording

The Australian Sound Design Project With Iain Mott, The University of Melbourne

1.Bandt, Ros and Iain Mott, 2003, Hearing Place, Move Records, MD 3275.

Acclaimed by Californian acoustician Bernard Kraus and the World Forum of Acoustic Ecology. Over 20 international audio artists published in  this Anthology


XII.6 Original Audio/Video exhibited in Audiotheques.

1.            Bandt, Ros, 2003. Weiss Gold, Hearing Place Audiotheque, VCA Gallery, March.

2.            Bandt, Ros, 2003. Footsteps, Sound Spaces Audiotheque, curated by Hannah Clemen, Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth, WA.

3.            Bandt, Ros, 2004 Stack Video, Tronichphosis, Wollongong, October.

4.            Bandt,Ros, 2005 Stack The Memory Grid, ACMI. Permanent exhibition.

5.        Bandt,Ros, 2009 Sound Art Films performed with Brigid Burke, Carte Blanche

                                     Dante’s Gallery November

XIII  Performances

XIII.1                 List of Noteworthy International Performances (selected list)

1982                Asian Arts Festival, Hong Kong. La Romanesca and Nanette Hassell, choreographer. Martim Codax: 13th century Portuguese song cycle, Siete Canciones de mi Amigou.

1982                Musica Viva, La Romanesca Early Music International tour Spain, England, France and Germany.

1983                Paris Autumn Festival, Grand Salle Pompidou Centre, Australia’s representative, Loops, Genesis and collaborative improvised works with Sarah Hopkins, touring Rennes, Ghent, London, and New York, New Jersey.

1985                LIME tour New Zealand, University music departments of Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch.

1991                Back to Back Zithers Indonesian tour, Bandung, Solo, Jogjakarta, Denpasar, Bali. Cross cultural exchange with Indonesian composers at the universities in Bandung and Solo.

1997                          A Global Bridge for Percy with German Sound Artist Johannes S. Sistermann, Moltkerei Gallery of Modern Art, Cologne.

1999                The Six Exquisites International Sound Art Festival, Seattle, Port Angeles Tacoma, USA. Galloping, Port Angeles Forest in surround sound, Sonic Archeologies, Thrausmata and Mungo, collaborative works with German and American Sound Artists.

2000                ISCM BUCHAREST, Thrausmata, electroacoustic composition

2001                Stack, electroacoustic work, Dartington Hall,  Devon, U.K.  for the WFAE.

2003                PORTUGAL, Coimbra Vibre for and by Murray Schaeffer, One of a thousand musicians, playing medieaval Portuguese Codax Songs from a first floor balcony in the old city. Roving audience groups.

2005                JAPAN, Sugashima  Island recording the Abalone divers

2005                FRANCE instrument making, CRETE/GREECE, composing

2007                TURKEY, MIAM, ISTANBUL, The Black Falcon with Erdem Helvacioglu. Electroacoustic collaboration.

2008                JAPAN Wakayama  TAKETOYA  STREET PERFORMANCE with Johannes S Sistermanns and Kumi Kato,  Radio Wakayama, TV Wakayama. New works Whalesong, From the Pillow book, Umeboshi.


XIII.2        Current Performance Ensembles 2008

1.     Carte Blanche  Digital media duo  with Brigid Burke, original music performance, video and electronics

2.     LaRomanesca  Early Music Ensemble, early winds, psaltery, percussion

3.     The Free Music Ensemble  Contemporary original free music with Brigid Burke, Simon Charles and Rod Cooper.

4.     Duo with Johannes S. Sistermanns (Germany)

5.     Duo with Erdem Helvacioglu (Turkey)


XIV            Residencies (selected list)

1985                State Artist in Residence for Vic 150, Melbourne, Warrnambool, Portland, Mildura, Shepparton, Ballarat, Croyden. Galleries, Touch Sound

1986                Evos Music and PICA, W.A. Sound Icons

1987                Danceworks Composer in residence January- December, director Nanette Hassall, Sound for Arcadian Corridor based on 14th century Italian Dances, Starzones and Corridor Walk, electronic foyer installations for dancers and the public.

1988                Rollins College, Winter Park Florida, From the Greenhouse, Aqua Musica

1990                Music Department, Monash University.

1993                Ball State University, Benjamin Cohen Inaugural fellow for Innovation, interdisciplinary collaborative work.

1999                The 6th Six Exquisites, International Sound Art Festival, Tacoma and Seattle, USA.

2004                The Melbourne Aquarium with Iain Mott, The Australian Sound Design Project.

2004                The University of Melbourne, the Faculty of Music Composition.

2005                        The University of Wollongong, Faculty of Creative Arts, NSW

2006                Composer in Residence, ABC  Radio, Sydney, Japanese IsoBue,


XV             Radio Publications/Commissions (Selected List)

The composer has a history of commissioned works in studios worldwide including WDR The Studio of Acoustic Art, the ORF Vienna, (1993) Deutsche Bayerische Rundfunk, and BBC (La Romanesca tours 1980-85), Radio Warsaw, 1993). The composer is constantly interviewed in many ABC programmes including the Listening room, Radio Australia, Music Deli, the Music Show, and has music played on all the music programmes The following list is selected from some recent programmes.

2002.               Australian Sound and My Original Sound Practice, Radio New Zealand, Interviewer, Melanie Thornton,

2002.               In Interview Radio San Francisco USA, Aaron Ximm and on the web, May 18 (www.quietamerican.org/related_qp.html   

2003                Silo Stories, Bush Telegraph, ABC Radio National, Alicia Brown.

2003                        Julie McCrossan Life Matters, forum on sound with live to air international guests.

2004                        New Music Up Late, Julian Day: The music of Ros Bandt, Stack, and the Greek connection in new works, Blue Gold, Tragoudia, Thrausmata  March 2006, ABC FM 105.9

 2007               ABC Radio Eye Waiting for the Tide with Kumi Kato 45 minutes

2008                The Music Show, Isobue

2008                ZKM< German radio feature Ros Bandt with Johannes S Sistermanns.

2008                Radio Wakayama, Premieres of Umbeboshi, Whalesong,  Autumn From the Pillow book, Taketoya.

2009                ABC Peggy;’s Hothouse, Ros Bandt’s Letters from Peggy and interview curated by Thomas Fitzgerald

2009                ABC Rumi poetry with Raziye Salari,  Fasi, Ros Bandt, Tarhu for Paul Petran, Music Deli.

2009                ABC Blue Gold recording 35 minute original work.


XVI   Recent Radio Commissioned Electro-Acoustic Compositions

2003.               Via Galah, Silo Stories, From Merrinee to Jackson, ABC FM, The Listening Room, 35 Minutes.

2003.               Kim’s Song, Ear Clips, ABC FM, The Listening ROOM, Curated Robyn Ravlich (http://abc.net.au/arts/earclips/audio/10.ram).

2005                        Footsteps, worldwide soundscape for The World Silence Project, 11.00 a.m. Jan 1st each year played on radio stations throughout the world to wish for peace; commissioned by the World Silence project, director Mary Cassini. Also played in Georgia and Palestine.

2006                         Sydney Road, The World in a Street, ABC  commission, Sydney Acoustic art unit.

2006-7                         ISOBUE Japanese Sea Whistle Project,   Double CD including Shima, 8 Haiku for Kumi, Iso Nagecki, Sea Folk Voices, Waiting for the Tide and  Ama no Isobue for the ABC residency. 


XVII          Ros Bandt: Major Public Art Commission

2003.                      The Listening Place, a permanent sound installation, Alma Park, St Kilda. This comprises a seat installed with a looped hour-long soundscape of cross cultural voices, users of Alma Park, and the word Listen translated into several languages on the concrete footing. Commissioned by the City of Port Phillip for the Margins, Memories and Markers project

2004.                      http://www.sounddesign.unimelb.edu.au/web/biogs/gallery/P000471g.htm


XVIII        Ros Bandt: Artistic Awards

1981                Innovations Grant, Music Board of the Australia Council $10.000  

1981                Innovations Grant, Schools Commission, Sound Playground, $20,000

1982                Composers Fellowship, Music Board and Community Arts Board, $25,000

1983                International Touring Grant to perform original music in Paris, New York, London, Belgium, Sweden, Music Board, $5,000

1984                        Composer’s Commission, Music Board Let’s Go Fishen’ for Sue Healy, $4,500

1985                        Composer’s Studio Grant to construct original instruments, Crafts Board, the Australia Council, $8,500

1985                Victoria’s 150th, State Sound Artist. Touch Sound  (touring exhibition for a year, book and workshops in six regional centres, Mildura, Croyden, Warrnambool, Portland,  and urban Fitzroy.

                        The Myer Foundation            $8,500

                        The Melbourne City Council (Sculpture Commission) $8.000         

1985                Victorian Arts Council (Touring) $10,000     

                        Victorian Ministry for the Arts (Book Commission)

 1987               Composer in Residence, Music Board, a year’s residency with the company   Danceworks under Nanette Hassall.           

1988                Master Craftsman in Residence, Red Cliffs, Aeolian Harps 

1989                Innovations Grant, Performing Arts Board, $10,000

                                    Composer in Residence, Rollins College, USA $12,000 American   

1990                Sound artist in residence Evos Music, Perth  $7,000

                        Composer in residence, Monash University one semester    

1993                ISCM Sound Installation, Warsaw Poland, The White Room

1994                Zeitgleich Artist in residence, Transit. Digital and media art, Innsbruck, Radio Vienna, Austria

1996                Listening Room Commission ABC Are You Really There?

1996/7             WDR Studio Akustische Kunst Germany commission, Thrausmata

1999-2000      Melbourne City Council Grant for the City Link Stack project

1999                Australia Council Funding for Presentation & Promotion of international work


XVIII        Ros Bandt: Artistic Awards (cont)

1999                6 Exquisites, International Sound Arts Festival, Seattle, USA, Guest sound artist.

1999                International Society of Contemporary Music, Bucharest, Roumania, Thrausmata selected to represent Australia

1999                ABC Listening Room Commission, City Stack:  An endangered acoustic space

2000                Silo Stories commission for community work and installation Arts Victoria, $15,000

2000                Commission with Dang Kim Hien for tape and Vietnamese instruments, Inside Outside.

2001                Arts Victoria Mack Memories for Geelong Art Gallery, $7,500


2001                ANAT grant for international launch and conference paper Sounding Cylinders, Dartington Hall, Devon, UK

2002                Commission for Via Galah, radiophonic work, ABC Radio, $3,000


2002                New Media Arts Grant for web publication, New Media Arts Board, the Australia Council $18,000

2003                ABC commission Kim’s Song for EarClips

2003                Commission for the Listening Place public sound sculpture, City of Port Phillip. $12,000

2006-4                   Commission for Charisma, audiovisual electro-acoustic work for cello, clarinet, sculptures,  electro-acoustic tape, and graphic score.


2004                        Australia /Asia Foundation cross-cultural electro-acoustic music

                        commission with Le Tuan Hung, On the Wings of a Butterfly.

2005                        ABC Commission Sydney Road, the World in a Street,

2006                        Australia/Asia Foundation, Australia Council, Tragoudia, Goat Songs from the White Mountains, Crete.

2006/7                         BYOS, (Bring Your own Sounds), Cross cultural electro-acoustic work, with Johannes S. Sistermanns, commissioned by  Robyn Ravlich,  ABC Radio

2006/7             Isobue, Composer in residence, ABC Radio $30,000

2008                New Media Arts Award for international collaborative work, Sonic Blue Red Tracings, Australia Council. $10,000.

2009                Tin Rabbit, Sound art commission, Constellation Project, Victorian Ministry for the Arts.